Why BookieBook?

Create comparisons

To understand your development and how your business is improving year on year.

Goal setting

Assisting you in creating realistic and attainable targets for your financial success.

Plan and forecast

What results should you expect from your current business activities, and what are the implications of the numbers.

Build a relationship with your bookkeeper

Find out what questions you should be asking and what the answers actually mean for your business.

BookieBook for Bookkeepers

Simply give each client a copy of BookieBook and work with them to fill out the figures as they progress through the year. Link the finance coming into the business to work and projects. Predict seasonal demand. Start to show where your clients are winning and losing financially.

BookieBook for your Business

BookieBook is the financial planner for people who don’t like the numbers. And who really don’t like the technology. Using simple forms and a step by step approach, it provides you with an easy to use template to capture the financial information that matters.
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