Retain Your Relevancy…

In the Face of an Increasingly Tech Driven Accounting Service

Introducing BookieBook

BookieBook helps your clients access your true value as a bookkeeper and a business professional.

One of the key problems facing you as a bookkeeper is demonstrating value. Many of your clients possibly think that your greatest skill is data entry. After all, they dump their accounts and receipts on you once a year or every quarter, and you come back with the figures.

A closer look at this problem shows that the difficulty lies with your client. Most of the time they struggle to understand the numbers. They probably consider money in the bank both success and security. And as long as they are making it, then everything is alright.

Why Use BookieBook?

Build a relationship with your client

Demonstrate your expertise and gain customer trust and loyalty by growing their business.

Stand out from the competition

Be more than a “me too” bookkeeper. Offer a real added value service to your client.

Visual reference for growth discussions

Back up your assertions and recommendations with useful comparison statistics and annual reporting.

Open up client conversations

When you’ve finished talking about holidays and family – you can discuss real business matters that make a difference.

The Solution

What would it be like if there was some way of showing them the meaning behind the numbers? BookieBook gives you the power to bring accounting and bookkeeping to life in the hands of even the most maths-phobic of clients.

Simply give each client a copy of BookieBook and work with them to fill out the figures as they progress through the year. Link the finance coming into the business to work and projects. Predict seasonal demand. Start to show where your clients are winning and losing financially.

But the numbers are only the start of the journey. Using these figures as a map for your client’s financial performance allows you to suggest areas for growth and activities to maximise their return.

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