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For People Who Don’t Like Numbers

Welcome to BookieBook

BookieBook gives you the easy way to understand how your business is performing financially.

You are a passionate person. You probably run the kind of business that’s based around doing what you love. And you’re good at it. If you had your own way then you would probably focus on your creativity, productivity and enjoying your interaction with customers. Only it’s not that simple.

Unfortunately, part of running your business is understanding the numbers. You might be the type of person who simply lets your accountant or bookkeeper get on with it – or you may try complete everything at the last minute.

However you’re working, you probably feel that there’s a better way to do things. What would it be like if someone could show you how?

Why Use BookieBook?

Understand how your business is improving

Through annual and month on month comparisons of financial progress.

Create accurate planning and forecasting

Make the right decisions at the best time to acquire business assets and try new activities.

Set realistic and attainable business goals

Where do you want your business to go? What levels of income could give you the lifestyle you desire?

Find out the questions you should be asking

Gain a vital insight into the long-term future of your business.

What is BookieBook?

BookieBook is the financial planner for people who don’t like the numbers. And who really don’t like the technology. Using simple forms and a step by step approach, it provides you with an easy to use template to capture the financial information that matters.

Created by Mel Dowie, a bookkeeper with a passion for helping business owners like you access the power of business growth, BookieBook is more than a simple platform for storing your figures. It provides you with a map to read, understand and evaluate your business performance.

Of course, this is only the first stage of your journey. Once you have the ability to understand the numbers, you can use this to inform critical business decisions.


Working with your Bookkeeper

And of course, one final benefit of BookieBook is the impact it makes on your relationship with your bookkeeper. You’ll begin to appreciate the quality of the service. Are they giving you the feedback you need? Is their advice coming in a timely fashion so you can react to it? What would you like to see improve?
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